• SmartAnalyst has worked with 17 of the top 20 Global Pharma Companies.
    SmartAnalyst has worked with 17 of the top 20 Global Pharma Companies.
We Deliver Actionable Insights Based on Deep Life Science Domain Knowledge
and In-Depth Analysis to Drive Pipeline and Portfolio Value


Our Mission is to Drive Pipeline and Portfolio Value for Pharma and Bio-Pharma Companies

We are Focused on Key Issues in the Pharma and Bio-Pharma Space

  • Identifying and Commercializing the Next Generation of Innovative Therapies
  • What innovative therapies should be developed to improve future patient outcomes and garner market success?
  • Driving Evidence of Improved Patient Outcomes to Support Access and Reimbursement
  • What compelling clinical and cost benefit evidence is likely required to get advantageous reimbursement and access to patients?


SmartAnalyst provides comprehensive, integrated solutions based on our deep understanding of the science, the market, and the key business decisions that our clients face. We deploy agile, cross-functional project teams that are responsive to client needs.Our experienced team of experts use our proprietary strategic frameworks to help biopharma companies make key decisions at the Disease, Asset, and Portfolio levels, including:

Disease Strategy

  • Strategic Disease Prioritization: Prioritization of diseases within a franchise area based on scientific attractiveness, commercial attractiveness, and innovation attractiveness
  • Discovery and Commercial Alignment: Determine what early programs to pursue; and gain alignment between Discovery and Commercial
  • Integrated Disease Strategy: 5-10 year future disease strategy perspective to support investment decisions, including key targets, MOAs, treatment evolution, and internal/external asset mix

Asset Strategy

  • Opportunity Prioritization: Evaluate and drive prioritization decisions across multiple granular patient segment opportunities for early assets or for lifecycle planning
  • Value Proposition: Clinical and Payor benefit thresholds and evidence required for success; help drive asset go/no-go decisions
  • Label and Pre-Positioning and Messaging: Simulating the label as value driver; developing asset pre-positioning
  • Commercial Assessment, Forecasting and Valuation: Commercial and TPP assessment to understand forecast drivers, forecast range, and rNPV
  • Patient Journey Mapping: Understand the patient journey to identify leverage points and influencers
  • Differentiation: Target product profile (TPP) development and testing; identification and validation of meaningful differentiators
  • Regional Priorities: Identification of asset strategy for a specific country or group of countries; unique considerations in emerging markets
  • Health Economics: Disease modeling for scenario planning, economic justification, and real world evidence

Portfolio Strategy

  • Portfolio Tradeoffs and Optimization: Program correlations and risk-return tradeoffs to optimize portfolio value

Business Development Strategy

  • Filling Portfolio Gaps through BD&L: Screening, prioritization, and in-depth commercial assessment and independent valuation of opportunities

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