Case Study

Immuno Oncology Strategy

Background and Objectives

A global pharma company had an option to acquire certain Immuno-Oncology (IO) targets/MoAs from within a broad range of targets. The objective of the project was to assess the IO landscape, focusing on the client’s committed key targets and the available targets that could be acquired, in order to inform strategic choices to optimize the client’s IO portfolio.

Approach and Recommendations (Methodology)

SmartAnalyst conducted the strategic assessment of the IO targets in the following steps:

Step I: Mapping the IO Landscape and Selection of Additional IO Targets

  • Mapped the evolving IO Landscape by developing IO clinical activity and combination landscape and grid across multiple IO MoAs (and clinical assets within an MoA); assessed activity across ~70 MOAs, including key MoAs of partner
    • Key parameters for evaluation included: scientific attractiveness (based on the strength of pre-clinical or clinical evidence) and market factors (competitive intensity by tumor and type of combination, breadth of tumor applicability by MoA/Target, and differentiation potential

Step II: Strategic Evaluation Framework

  • Developed the strategic framework to score and rank all potential partner MoAs based on an agreed set of criteria (scientific and market parameters) to arrive at a prioritized set of partner MoAs
  • External expert consults were conducted to validate client's and SmartAnalyst rankings

Time Frame

8 Weeks


  • Provided recommendation on the most attractive partner MoA targets, as well as which additional novel MoAs could be attractive, in order to optimize the client’s IO portfolio

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