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Health Economics and Outcomes Research

We support biopharma companies with real world evidence
and economic modeling to maximize product access and value
Health Economics and Outcomes Research
  • SmartAnalyst utilizes deep disease and domain knowledge to design and deliver successful programs for our clients
  • We take a holistic approach to Market Access, with the ability to combine patient, payor, and physician insights and work with our clients to develop economic evidence to demonstrate the value of their products
  • We have developed and utilized innovative methodologies, such as dynamic disease modeling to forecast epidemiology of complex diseases
Our capabilities in Health Economics modeling also include:
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis
  • Cost-effectiveness Analysis
  • Risk Sharing Analysis
  • Budget Impact Models
  • Comparative Effectiveness Models
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We recently presented at :

  • Asian Pacific Digestive Week, November 2-5, 2016, Kobe, Japan
  • ISPOR 7th Asia-Pacific Conference, Sept 3-6, 2016 in Singapore

Presented paper on:

Real Life Drug Utilization and Biologics Effectiveness in Patients with Crohn’s Disease – A Population-based Study in Taiwan Smulders M, Cheng CL, Lien HPW, Liang H, Khalid JM

We were at ISPOR in May 2016,in Washington DC.

Presented Papers on:

Healthcare Cost Comparison Analysis of Nivolumab + Ipilimumab Regimen (Nivo+Ipi), Nivolumab Monotherapy (Nivo) and Ipilimumab Monotherapy (Ipi) Utilizing Clinical Trial Data: A European Perspective Potluri R, Sabater J, Bhandari H, Ranjan S, Kotapati S

Healthcare Cost Comparison Analysis of Nivolumab + Ipilimumab Regimen (Nivo+Ipi) and Nivolumab (Nivo) Monotherapy Versus Established Advanced Melanoma (Am) Therapies Utilizing Clinical Trial and Real World Data Potluri R, Okoro T, Bhandari H, Sabater J, Ranjan S, Kotapati S