Case Study

Identifying Combination Opportunities for an Asset across Multiple Tumors

Background and Objectives

A global life sciences company wanted to prioritize combination opportunities for its asset, currently with a monotherapy label in some solid tumors. SmartAnalyst was engaged to identify, screen, evaluate and recommend combination opportunities for this asset across multiple solid tumors.

Approach and Recommendations (Methodology)

The overall approach was driven by the asset’s scientific rationale and combinability potential in selected indications. SmartAnalyst conducted systematic secondary research using diverse public and proprietary sources. This project was completed in two phases:

Phase I: Target-driven Evaluation of Combination Partners

  • Screened ongoing combination trials with similar mechanisms and identified combination partners among established, emerging, and exploratory targets
  • Evaluated the level of success or failure of the combination partners, and based on scientific evidence, these were bucketed for further evaluation
  • The combination opportunities were further classified (as high/medium/ low priority) based on:
    • Strength of evidence per the biological rationale, combinability potential and preclinical evidence
  • Based on above analysis, combination opportunities were shortlisted for further consideration

Phase II: Qualitative Assessment of Shortlisted Combination Opportunities in Selected Indications

  • Based on the target assessment and the client’s indication priority list, a high-level prioritization was performed considering the following factors: epidemiology/market size, unmet need, emerging SoC, competitive intensity and potential of combination as a platform
  • Ranking/Prioritization of key combinations was conducted for potential trade-offs

Time Frame

10 Weeks


  • Identified opportunities and provided strategic insights and overall approach for the LCM strategy of the client’s asset for different combinations:
    • IO Combinations: Follow-on strategy for Asset X in Indication A to leverage existing portfolio
    • Targeted Combinations: Indication B-centric strategy to be determined by an early-phase umbrella trial
    • Monotherapy LCM: Develop in Indication C as single agent with an ability to extend into an IO combination in the future

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