SmartAnalyst is introducing the SMARTImmunology Insights - a research tool that provides data-driven insights into the market dynamics to help companies identify forward-looking strategies for clinical differentiation and commercial success, across more than 10 immunology indications.

The syndicated reports help companies build a robust foundational understanding to develop customized solutions to enhance their pipeline and portfolio value, especially in the immunology space.

Have confidence that you understand the implications of the changing landscape in the immunology space and you are equipped with the knowledge to inform clinical investment decisions.

With the SMARTImmunology Insights, you will:

  • Acquire comprehensive foundational data and forward-looking perspective on various indications in the immunology space
  • Stay up-to-date with updates after key conferences (e.g., ACR and EULAR)
  • Get a global perspective, based on ongoing monitoring of scientific progress in the area and capture implications on the future thresholds for differentiation for new market entrants
  • Consolidate key data-driven insights and data in one concise report
  • Get a presentation-ready format (PowerPoint slides)
  • Quickly get up to speed on an indication when evaluating business development opportunities
  • Avoid internal “fire drills” accessing data
  • Pay one flat-fee for each report - no restriction on the number of users

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Disease Overview
  • Pathogenesis
  • Clinical Presentation and Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Unmet Needs

Current and Emerging Treatment Landscape

  • Competitive Landscape
    • Emerging MoAs
    • Key Gamechangers, Estimated Launch Timelines
  • Current and Residual Unmet Needs

Target Opportunity Profile

  • Clinical Hurdles/ Entry Barriers
  • Opportunities for Differentiation
    • Required Efficacy Benefits, Endpoints, Toxicity Issues
  • Pricing Benchmarks and Reimbursement

2017 Planner

Our Practice Lead, Rohit Katoch, would be happy to schedule a brief web conference to take you through the SMARTImmunology Insights, and discuss how the series and our consulting services can help inform key decision points for your pipeline and business development strategies. Please contact Trish Kane at to schedule a brief web conference.


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